Veronika Dolezelova 5,000 Mile Trip For Tinder Date

Woman’s 5,000 Mile Trip For Tinder Date

A love-struck woman revealed how she flew 5,000 miles round the world – to meet her Tinder crush.

Veronika Dolezelova, 24, matched American Bryan Davis, 42, while he was on holiday near her home in Prague, Czech Republic in March.

But Bryan had just a few hours before he caught the transatlantic 12 hour flight back to his home in Denver, Colorado, and didn’t have time to see Veronika.

The pair ‘cyber-separated’ and thought they would never meet again – but they carried on chatting when Bryan reached home.

Three months later Veronika used savings to make the trip to the U.S. where the smitten couple finally met in person for the first time.

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