Obese Man Carried Into Truck After Noodle Binge

Obese man carried into truck after noodle binge

This is the moment 20 rescuers haul a morbidly obese 50 stone man into a lorry – after he gorged on noodles everyday for TEN YEARS.

Sia Chie Herng, 33, stuffed himself with 30 bowls of spicy snacks a DAY while shuffling round his tiny family home in Sibu, Malyasia.

He washed the dished down with dozens of milkshakes and plates of ice cream.

But Sia became immobile over the weekend and spent four days in bed while complaining of chest pains.

Fireman arrived on Tuesday and needed 20 people to carry Sia on huge board of wood into a five tonne lorry because an ambulance was too big.

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