World's Most Valuable Piece Of Jade Found In Burma Now Known As Myanmar

Jade Boulder Worth $175MILLION Found In Burma

Stunned miners thought they had won the lottery when they struck this enormous boulder – the world’s most valuable piece of JADE worth $175m.

Workers were excavating rare gems at a remote mine in Kachin State, Burma, now known as Myanmar, when they stumbled across the huge jadeite rock on Thursday afternoon.

It weighs a staggering 175 tonnes (174,600kg) , measures 9ft high, 18ft long and 18ft wide.

Remarkable pictures show local politician U Tint Soe standing next to the giant gem as it towers above him.

The rock – which will appear its distinctive green once cleaned – is second only in size to the a carved statue at the Jade Buddha Palace in China which weighs 260 tonnes.

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