Driver Catches Teen Doing A STUNT On His Lamborghini

Driver catches teen doing a STUNT on his Lamborghini

A supercar driver was furious after catching a teenager riding his BIKE on the roof of his Lamborghini.

Aaron Rylan, 28, was doing bench presses at the gym when he glanced out of he window and saw the cyclist doing a stunt on the roof of the yellow Gallardo.

The businessman raced outside but the kid and his pals had disappeared so Aaron checked his dashcam which had been left recording.

It shows Izzad Adnaff,15, take a 30 metre long run-up, hop is bike onto the bonnet at full speed and roll over the windscreen – which bends with the impact.

Incredibly, Aaron posted the footage on social media and Izzad’s MUM saw the footage – and dragged her son over to apologise.

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