Hannah Gvaios, The Backpacker Who Fell Down A Cliff In Thailand While Feeling An Attacker Who Then Subjected Her To An Horrific Sex Attack

Hannah Gavios, The Backpacker Who Fell Down Cliff

The story of Hannah Gavios shocked the world. A young, pretty backpacker alone and jetlagged in a foreign country. She was attacked… and while running away fell down a cliff – breaking her back and suffering severe injuries.

But her ordeal didn’t end there. Her attacker followed her to the bottom of the cliff and subjected her to an horrific seven-hour long sexual assault. Hannah gave up and accepted she was going to die.

Incredibly, she was rescued the next morning.

Her story – in the depths of Thailand – looked likely to be lost and unnoticed by the media. But thanks to our wide range of contacts we were able to not just tell the story, but actually speak directly with Hannah, who bravely waved her right to anonymity to reveal the full horror of what happened.

The coverage, distributed through then partner agency SWNS, shocked and repulsed the world – exposing the incident to tens of millions of people, including Hannah’s friends in her native New York who rallied to her aid, contributing to her medical expenses.

Our follow-up story of the lenient sentence for Hannah’s attacker once again shocked readers. But more important, it highlighted that Hannah was still struggling to recover feeling in her legs as she battled back from the injury. The piece went viral, and donations to Hannah’s crowdfunding page rocketed overnight to more than $100,000 – helping her on her way to recovery.

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