A Three-year-old Girl In Hospital After Her Head Was Slashed By A Ceiling Fan When Her Father Threw Her In The Air While Playing

Girl, 3, has head split open by ceiling fan

This three-year-old girl’s head was split open by an electric ceiling FAN after being tossed into the air while playing with her dad.

Em Phoeykiln, 25, was making daughter Oum laugh by picking her up and throwing her in the air in their living room.

But the toddler’s head clattered into the spinning fan – hitting her so hard that the metal blade BENT with the impact.

The gash was so deep that the toddler’s white skull can be seen underneath the torn skin.

Oum was rushed to hospital in Rayong, Thailand, where surgeons performed emergency surgery to stop blood pouring from the four-inch long cut.

Our pictures and interview with the family appeared in the Mail, Express, Mirror, Sun and Star.

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